" We had an important project that needed to be done quickly and contained a good degree of ambiguity. Once we first started speaking with Kalvi about the project it was clear that they were a team that would think thoroughly about the project needs and work very hard to find a great solution. We weren't disappointed once they took on work for the project. Their work has been well thought through and they have worked through some difficult technical challenges to deliver solutions. They have also been easily accessible for us and very communicative. We are very happy with this team and certainly look forward to working with them in the future. "

– Senior Software Eng Lead, Universal Store Storefronts Team

Azure ML Studio

"We hired Kalvi Consulting Services to build a redemption website for a promotion that we were running with one of our top PC manufacturers worldwide. We had less than 6 weeks to build, test and deploy a solution that had never been built before all while trying to ensure that we mitigated for piracy, integrated Microsoft technology from across 6 different business units AND successfully accomplish it in 41 different languages! For all intents and purposes, we were asking KCS the impossible, and yet they delivered! There are few words that can describe the feat they overcame and the great attitude they kept all while we kept having to jump through more and more hoops. I can't express enough how much I highly recommend KCS for any situation, never mind asking them to do the impossible. I am convinced that if you ask them to do something that they say they can, you won't be disappointed."

– Account Executive – OEM, Microsoft


"Kalvi Consulting Services team delivered our first set of synthetic runners to monitor the AzureML Studio Experimentation Service. The team expanded to deliver an expandable UI runner framework to provide an important customer scenario through the Azure portal, and expand to other important live-site areas, such as customer metrics and dri tooling. The team has been super responsive, expanded into new areas quickly with unclear guidance, and integrated well within our team. "

– Principal Development Lead, Azure ML Studio


" KCS played a critical role in helping us successfully launch our Online Store front. I was impressed with KCS teams passion for quality and professionalism."

– Director Product Management, AT & T

king county

"Congratulations on completing the project. It was a pleasure working with the KCS team. They were so attentive at meetings and grasped our business practices very quickly and completely. That is something that really helped us. It felt like the KCS team took the burden off of me and without a big amount of time spent in orientation and training. Thanks for taking the project to a higher level."

– Sr. Data Scientist, King County

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