Enterprises across industries have been slower in adopting cloud technologies due to the perceived business risks or concerns related to cost, security, RoI, security, compliance, performance, system integration etc.

KCS helps you take the right first step for your cloud migration journey and helps you craft a strong cloud migration strategy for your business. We focus on understanding your organization's challenges and business requirements in order to make expert recommendations to fuel your cloud.

Our Approach

  • We Analyze your existing business and IT infrastructure landscape (Project lifecycle processes, application and infrastructure portfolio, application servers, database etc.)
  • We Identify your vision, goals and objectives
  • We create you a high-level technical design
  • We Evaluate current risks and challenges
  • We do current TCO analysis

What will you get out of engaging with KCS?

  • High-level Cloud Migration Strategy & Roadmap - Identifying a business use case or an infrastructure portfolio & delivering a prioritized roadmap mapped to business RoI.
  • TCO Analysis - TCO &RoI analysis based on AWS/Azure TCO calculator for one application.
  • DevOps Maturity Assessment - Establishing high-level procedure for DevOps, agile development methodology and agile project management.
  • Cloud Optimization - Architecture recommendations, identifying serverless approach, server provisioning best practices & storage optimization.

What's after the engagement?

Moving to the cloud is indeed a big step for any business. Our Advisory & Consulting approach can help you get started with the process, but what's next? A Proof of Concept can further validate the strategy and recommendations laid out in the assessment and accelerate your cloud adoption while you see the benefits of cloud migration directly.

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